Three Phase DOL Mobile Starter

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                3 phase direct online mobile starter panel is control and protection of single or multiple motors.3 phase direct online mobile starter is applicable for 3 HP to 7.5 HP. The customer can choose the contactor like L&T MU1, L&T MU2, BCH, etc. The mobile starter senses the amps and prevents the motor from dry load and over load.

3 Phase DOL mobile starter Panel- 3HP/5HP/6HP/7.5HP


·         Motor ON/OFF through Missed call,

·         Motor ON/OFF  through SMS,

·         Power ON/OFF indication through SMS,

·         Up to three mobiles access one mobile starter,

·         We will receive the message for dry run and overload,

·         We will receive the message for power backup,

·         We could manually set all the settings,

·         Prevent from dry load,

·         Prevent from over load,

·         Low voltage prevention,

·         High voltage prevention,

·         Minimum and maximum current rating is changeable,

·         Low voltage setting available,

·         High voltage setting available,

·         In cyclic Timer ON OFF time is changeable,

·         Inbuilt Amps meter,

·         Inbuilt Cycle timer,

·         Inbuilt volt meter,

·         Inbuilt preventer,

·         Inbuilt Star Delta timer.

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